SAG-AFTRA (Eligible)

Brandon Hearnsberger



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Getting to Know You         Lead                 Chris Ferrantino, Dir.     Funny or Die

Dead of Knight              Lead                 Joe Grisaffi, Dir.         Starship Films

Imaginary Friends           Lead                 Jason Brown, Dir.          Try Film Prod.

Persephone                  Supporting           Chris Ferrantino, Dir.     No Radio Films

KILD TV                     Supporting           William Collins, Dir.      Eye Candy Films

Spirit Camp                 Supporting           Kerry Beyer, Dir.          Kerosene Films

Zombiefied                  Supporting           Tood Cook, Dir.            Screamtime Films


My Crazy Ex                 Guest-Star           John Downer                Lifetime


Much Ado About Nothing      Claudio              Michael Murray, Dir.       A Noise Within

The Farnsworth Invention    Philo T. Farnsworth  David Cromer, Dir.         Alley Theatre

The Lieutenant of Inishmore Davey                Greg Boyd, Dir.            Alley Theatre

Mrs. Warren’s Profession    Frank Gardner        Anders Cato, Dir.          Alley Theatre

Othello                     Cassio               Scott Schwartz, Dir.       Alley Theatre

The Tempest                 Ariel                Sidney Berger, Dir.        Houston Shakes. Fest.

Hamlet                      Horatio              Carolyn Boone, Dir.        Houston Shakes. Fest.

Voice-Over (Animation)

Doom of Valyria             Series Reg.          Patrick McCarthy, Dir.     Hero's Path Prod.

1 Day 2 Animate             Series Reg.          Patrick McCarthy, Dir.     Quirky Kid Prod.

Tokyo Majin                 Series Reg.          Jin Ho Chung, Dir.         ADV Films

Le Chevalier D’Eon          Recurring            Steven Foster, Dir.        ADV Films

Devil May Cry               Guest Star           Steven Foster, Dir.        ADV Films

Pumpkin Scissors            Co-Star              Charlie Campbell, Dir.     ADV Films


University of Houston       B.A. Theatre

Craig Wallace               On-Camera

Christinna Chauncey         On-Camera

Killian McHugh              On-Camera Commercial

Improv Olympic              Improv

Upright Citizens Brigade    Improv

K. Todd Freeman             Meisner

Sir Peter Hall              Shakespeare

Jim Johnson                 Voice & Dialects

Special Skills

Dialects (British, American Southern, Texan, Irish, Scottish, Australian, German, and others), guitar, yoga, swimming, racquetball, bicycling, skateboarding.